Rihanna Fans Embrace Her Unapologetic Side

'I love the name 'UNAPOLOGETIC'... that's exactly what Rihanna is,' one fan tweets about November 19 release.

Rihanna is making no apologies on her seventh studio album, Unapologetic, due November 19, and her fans are pretty stoked by the project's bold message and look.

The album's cover features a topless Rih with words like "Fun," "Side Effects," "Victory" and "Roc" scrolled across her body. While the meaning behind those words is unclear, the cover has some fans wondering if they could be song titles, considering one of the words happens to be the name of her current single, "Diamonds."

After Rihanna revealed the album details, fans hit the Web to share how excited they are that they'll be getting new music in only five weeks. "That album cover is something special, something never seen before," @Fancy_RiRi tweeted about the concept. "I love that."

"I'm so proud of her. The cover and the name are TOTALLY EPIC, PERFECT, FLAWLESS ETC!!!!" @RIHverr tweeted. One fan, @wijdanMajed, personally thanked Rihanna, writing, "#unapologetic amazing name for de album thank u @Rihanna the cover is beautiful."

@KhadarCole shared, "Love the new album name @Rihanna! Unapologetic sounds good."

Many fans noted that the album's title mirrors Rih's bad-girl persona. "I love the name 'UNAPOLOGETIC'... that's exactly what Rihanna is, "@johndepula wrote, with @mguiblackout adding, " 'Unapologetic' is so Rihanna."

"Unapologetic is a nicer way of saying No F---s Given," ‏@BellaIsEvil wrote, following the Rihanna-approved hashtag #ph---yoapologies.

It wasn't all love, though: Some fans didn't fully embrace the look of the cover. But Rihanna didn't seem to mind the haters. She tweeted "it's okay! Refer to: album title" in response to one fan's critique: "I seem to be against [everything] she does lately."

What do you think of Rihanna's album cover and title? Let us know in the comments!