'Jersey Shore' Roomies Thought Vinny's Celibacy Was 'A Joke'

'Who goes to the Shore to be celibate?' Ronnie asks MTV News.

There have been a lot of changes going on during the final season of "Jersey Shore." Snooki entered Seaside Heights six months pregnant and decided to move next door, and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino came into the house sober.

With all those new twists, however, it had to be Vinny Guadagnino's revelation that was the most shocking change of all: his vow of celibacy.

In episode two of this season, Vinny announces to the roommates that he plans to abstain from any sexual contact, which means no awkward hookups for the entire summer.

"I'm going to be celibate," Vinny says during the episode. "I just want to set a personal challenge for myself. Before coming to Seaside I have made the decision to try to remain celibate this summer."

So what did the housemates think when Vinny revealed his plans of a hookup-free summer? Let's just say they were a little surprised.

"I was like, 'What's wrong with you? Is this a joke?' " Pauly D recalled to MTV News.

Sammi Giancola added, "What the hell? Is this real life right now?"

Deena Cortese also expressed confusion with the decision, but mostly, she felt bad Vinny's his best friend, Pauly, who would have to search for hookups all on his own.

"Like, what is going on? Celibate down at the Shore? Are you kidding me?" Deena said. "I was like, 'Poor Pauly, he has no partner with him!' "

Jenni "JWoww" Farley admitted that she thought Vinny's promise of celibacy was because he had a girlfriend back home, but in actuality, it just became too easy for him to pick up girls on the boardwalk.

"It's like free pickings down there," JWoww said. "And supposedly that's why he didn't want to have sex anymore, because it was too easy."

Sammi added, "Plus half the people that were there throughout the years he probably hooked up with anyway."

The group admitted that we will have to wait and see if Vinny can make it through the whole summer, but according to Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, he might not have been as innocent as we thought.

"Who goes to the Shore to be celibate? It doesn't make sense," Ronnie said. "I know what he was still doing in the shower. You don't take 45-minute showers; you have no hair to wash, Vin."

Pauly added, "That's why every time I walked out of the shower I had webbed toes."

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