Skyzoo Never Wanted To Exploit Romance With Derek Jeter's Sister

'Derek was lookin' at me like a little brother, reason being he could trust me,' MC tells 'RapFix Live' of his relationship with New York Yankees captain.

Yes, Skyzoo is known for his multilayered, story-driven lyrics, but the Brooklyn MC doesn't live his entire life in the booth. He doesn't let it play out in the tabloids either. A few years back, Sky saw his name come in the tabloids because of his relationship with Sharlee Jeter, sister to all-star New York Yankee baseball captain Derek Jeter, but the MC never dished.

"It stopped like almost two years ago," Skyzoo said of his four-year relationship with Sharlee on "RapFix Live" when he appeared on Wednesday's show.

They say there's no such thing as bad publicity, but Sky, who put out his second solo LP on A Dream Deferred independently on Duck Down Records on October 2, never wanted to exploit the couple's relationship and engagement to boost his rap profile. "I just kept it low, I never really wanted to use that the way the average dude man have ... and that's why they rocked with me so heavy," he said of the Jeter family.

When Sky and Sharlee were together, the rapper says he developed a good relationship with the five-time World Series champ and future hall of famer. "When we were rockin', Derek was lookin' at me like a little brother, reason being he could trust me," he said. "I wasn't out there puttin' it on blast it is what it is."

Jeter even grew to love the rapper's music, says Sky. And why wouldn't he? Sky's latest LP is a densely packed narrative where the gifted wordsmith puts his love and frustrations with hip-hop on full display. It isn't that Sky is disgruntled; it's quite the opposite. It's his love for rap which fuels his desires on songs like humbling "Realization" and the inspirational "How to Make It Through Hysteria."

"Honestly, I've been hearing Album of the Year. I've been hearing Hip-Hop Album of 2012. I've been hearing this album changed my life," Sky said of the critical acclaim and awards speculation he's been receiving thus far. "This is what's being told to me, it's not me making it up."

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