Lindsay Lohan, Mother Argument Stemmed From Home Foreclosure

Reports say Lohan loaned her mother money to save Dina's home, but a disagreement led to the heated limo fight.

Mixing business and family is always a tricky business and no further proof is necessary than the latest mess involving the Lohan clan. Twenty-four hours after a reportedly heated limo fight between actress Lindsay Lohan and mother Dina that resulted in a police visit, TMZ uncovered documents showing that the blow-up may have resulted from a disagreement over payments on Dina Lohan's home.

According to TMZ, JPMorgan Chase Bank filed documents in 2010 to foreclose on Dina's Long Island home because she had fallen behind on payments. A deal was then reportedly reached where Dina would make payments allowing her to keep the property out of auction, one that an unnamed source close to Lindsay said involved the "Canyons" star ponying up cash to save her childhood home.

After undisclosed initial payments, Dina is said to have fallen behind again and Lindsay offered up an additional $40,000, which is what the two women were allegedly arguing about in the limo before police were called out on Wednesday.

The latest revelations come a day after Lohan was involved in a "huge fight" with Dina, which resulted in a 911 call and a visit from the police.

The pair reportedly got into a heated argument after spending the night out together at a New York club on Tuesday. During a car ride home to Dina's Long Island home the disagreement escalated to the point where the 26-year-old "Mean Girls" actress reportedly sustained a cut on her leg, as well as property damage that included a broken bracelet of Lindsay's.

Police later arrived at the Lohan home prompted by a domestic violence call, with sources reportedly telling authorities that, "Lindsay was being held against her will by Dina and the driver." No arrests were made in the incident, but a Domestic Incident Report was taken.

Dina made headlines recently after an incoherent, bizarre appearance on "Dr. Phil" during which she appeared distracted, confused and combative.

Lindsay's dad, Michael Lohan, entered the fray on Wednesday as well, in for the form of a recording on which the star can reportedly be heard claiming that Dina was kidnapping her and saying "disgusting things" to her daughter.

According to a recording reportedly obtained by TMZ, Lohan made a hysterical call to her dad during the ordeal, screaming, "Dad, she's on cocaine. She's like touching her neck and s--- ... she's saying disgusting things to me ... I'm dead to her now."

While Lohan allegedly lashes out at her dad at one point as well, saying, "This is what you do. You ruin people," she then returns her focus to her mother. "She's like the f---ing devil right now," Lohan said, later telling her dad that she has a "gash" on her leg as a result of the fight.

Neither Lindsay nor Dina's spokespeople have discussed the limo scrap, but ABC News reported on Wednesday that the pair were pictured sharing a hug outside the actress' childhood home in Merrick, New York.