Chi-Ali Tells Daughter 'I'm Here Now' After Incarceration

'I missed a large part of her life,' Ali told 'RapFix Live' of daughter Sky, who visited him throughout his 12-year prison stay.

There is nothing like the bond between a parent and a child, and on Wednesday's (October 10) "RapFix Live," viewers got to witness that love first hand.

Chi-Ali sat on the "RapFix Live" couch for the first time, and not only did he share the space with his rap homey Skyzoo, the recently freed MC brought out his 14-year old daughter Sky as well. "My mom and Sky were my sole surviving riders," Chi-Ali said of his family's support during his 12-year incarceration, which ended in August. "They were getting on that bus to Clinton [Correctional Facility] and Elmira [Correctional Facility]. I'm talkin' eight- or nine-hour bus rides to see me for four or five hours probably."

Ali gained rap notoriety after he dropped his 1992 debut album The Fabulous Chi-Ali as a teen, but eight years later, in January 2000, he landed in major trouble after he shot and killed a man in Bronx, New York. Ali went on the run for 15 months, appeared on "America's Most Wanted" and then was eventually apprehended and served 12 years of a 14-year prison sentence after taking a plea deal. Not only has Chi spent time away from the studio, more importantly, he's missed crucial time with his daughter.

"I missed a large part of her life and a lot of children may resent their parents for that," he said of Sky, who claims to know the words to all of her dad's songs. "I feel, at times, there were things that I probably missed that she felt a way about, but I want you to know that wasn't under my control."

Chi dismissed the rapper rhetoric and had a heartfelt daddy-daughter moment. "I think you know if I could've been there, I would've been there, but I'm here now," he told his Sky. "So we don't have to look at the past, we're gonna build for the future."

Sky is thrilled that her dad is now home and even though he lives in Maryland and she in New York they have taken the time to reconnect. "It feels great. He does everything I say, so it's fun," she said while giggling. "I'm like his assistant, when I'm around."'

That's right, Chi-Ali has put his baby girl to work. Her job is to keep him up on all of the technology and social networking advancements of the past decade. "She teaches me," the proud papa said. "That's my Instgramer, Twitter, everything."

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