'Tamar And Vince' Star Calls Upcoming Album 'Ratchet But Classy'

Toni Braxton's baby sister, Tamar, and her 'husbandger' Vince talk to MTV News about that solo record and putting their business on television.

Lady Gaga has her Little Monsters, Beyoncé tends to her BeyHive and Rihanna's Navy serves her with pride. And even though Tamar Braxton has yet to drop her promised single or solo album, her fanbase of Tamartians is growing every day.

After years playing backup (literally and figuratively) to '90s R&B powerhouse Toni Braxton, Tamar decided it was time to quit her "doo-wop-pop" gig and strike out on her own. While it helps that she's married to music-industry pro Vincent Herbert, reality TV junkies know that Toni's youngest sis seriously has the goods. (On an episode of WE tv's reality hit "Braxton Family Values," the superstar even proclaimed it an open secret that Tamar had the best voice of the singing siblings.)

Still, with a high-profile "husbandger" committed to managing acts like Gaga and Mindless Behavior, carving out the time to help make Tamar the star she's meant to be hasn't been as simple as you might think. The reality couple and stars of the new spin-off "Tamar & Vince," stopped by the MTV Newsroom recently and — when they weren't cracking us up with their Lucy and Ricky routine — caught us up on the status of the album.

"It was hard because, you know, living with your husbandger and being signed to his label, all of that — conflict of interest — it's a lot," Tamar admitted with a big laugh. "But we really do work well together and I couldn't ask for a better partner."

The larger-than-life performer with a penchant for popularizing her own slanguage (get your life!, have several seats!) let TV cameras document her recording her album, from beginning to end, starting "right after I sign my contract ... writing my record, fighting with Vince about the sound I want." Indeed, three episodes in, viewers have seen Tamar in the studio feeling alternately great and then conflicted about "Get Your Life," a track that sounds something like B at her Sasha Fiercest.

"I just feel like this is the music that I was supposed to make," she said. "My music defines who I am right now as a person: It's fun, it's upbeat, it's opinionated, it's sassy, it's a lil' ratchet a lil' bit but it's classy."

"It's sexy," Vince chimed in.

"It's sexy! Oh, OK, she'll take that," a very amused Tamar, 34, said, speaking in the third person as she often does. "And if these records were not mine, I would want them to be mine, but I'm so lucky enough to have them as mine. And I don't care, if I'm 45 and I work hard and I spin on that cycle like I do, I deserve to drop it like it's hot and pick it back up so, boo!"

Of course, the always over-the-top Braxton shared all of this while hilariously slipping in and out of voices, from sorority girl to hood chick. But don't let the theatrics fool you: Tamar (pron. Tay-mar) has a real message for fans watching the show. And it's what drives her and separates her from the legion of "Wives," exes and girlfriends who've gotten famous off reality TV. She summed it up, "I just feel like it's important for anybody at any age not to give up on their dreams."