Vice Presidential Debate: Young Voters Want Specifics On Ryan's Budget

'Paul Ryan doesn't really appeal to the youth vote because he never really focuses on those issues,' student Deepika Srivastava, 19, tells MTV News.

MTV News spoke to some young voters who attended last weekend's "The Rumble in the Air-Conditioned Auditorium" smackdown
 between Bill O'Reilly and John Stewart, and after getting their share of laughs at the two talking heads going at each other, they had plenty to say about the serious business they're expecting from the vice presidential candidates tonight.

In light of complaints over the sometimes-hazy detail that emerged from contender and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney during the first debate between the GOP candidate and President Obama last week, the George Washington University students we talked to said they are hungry for some specific plans from VP Joe Biden and Republican contender Rep. Paul Ryan for how to fix the budget.

Muhammed Korany, 22, said he thought one of the main points of contention in the VP debate would be Ryan's so-called "Path To Prosperity" budget plan, which includes a controversial proposal to revamp the Medicare program for seniors. "Both candidates, Ryan and Romney, have tried to step away from the fact that they will turn Medicare into essentially a voucher program," he said.

The first debate hadn't completely addressed domestic policies that will directly affect the giant block of young voters (18-29), who could play a major part in deciding who ends up in the White House in January.

MTV's Power of 12 has been talking to those voters throughout the 2012 election season, and they've consistently said that they need to hear what proposals the candidates have for helping them secure a prosperous, stable future.

"The thing is, Paul Ryan doesn't really appeal to the youth vote because he never really focuses on those issues," said Deepika Srivastava, 19, of the first Generation X VP candidate. "So I feel like from both of the candidates we can get more of an emphasis on the college-age population because those people are actually just going to be allowed to vote for the first time."

Jennifer Braisted, 22, would like Ryan and Biden to focus on fiscal problems that are plaguing the country, from the ballooning deficit and national debt to the chronically high unemployment rate. "Paul Ryan being chairman of the Budget Committee really needs to speak more about his plan. Like Gov. Romney, he needs to give more details so that he can assure the American people that him and Gov. Romney would be the right choice for them."

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