Nicki Minaj: Cher Lloyd Wants Your ‘Gutsy’ Attitude For A Collabo!

'She has so much guts and does what she wants and obviously says what she wants,' 'The X Factor' U.K. star tells MTV News.

While Mariah Carey has allegedly hired additional security to keep Nicki Minaj far away, that is not stopping one up-and-coming pop star from wanting to get close to the Pink Friday rapper. As a matter of fact, Cher Lloyd, who just dropped her new album Sticks & Stones Stateside, says there is no one she would rather work with more.

“I’ve always said from day one that the person I’d love to collaborate with would be Nicki Minaj,” Lloyd told MTV News. “Just for the pure reason that I think she has so much guts and does what she wants and obviously says what she wants, and I love her.”

While a Minaj feature did not make it onto Lloyd’s first U.S. LP, there was an unexpected collabo that did. “Grow Up,” the second track off Sticks & Stones, has a verse from none other than Busta Rhymes.

“It’s such a weird collaboration, you definitely wouldn’t put me and Busta on the same song and that’s what I think is so great about it,” the “Want U Back” singer explained. “I recorded ‘Grow Up’ and needed something else and I came to a decision that Busta would be great for it so I got my people to speak to his people and yeah, it was just a done deal.”

And even though the two did not meet while working on the song, Lloyd is hoping they will cross paths sometime in the near future.

“I’d love it if I bumped into him or maybe we could perform it. That would be so good. I’d love that,” she said.

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