2 Live Crew's Uncle Luke Says 'Me So ... Concerned About Women's Rights'

'This is a women's election. This is about women's rights,' says Campbell about the November 6 presidential contest.

In that annals of American heroes who've fought for women's suffrage, names like Susan B. Anthony, Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton are legion.

But when it comes to guaranteeing the right to vote for the ladies in the 2012 election, there's one man who stands above all the rest: Uncle Luke.

Yes, that Uncle Luke. As in, Mr. "Me So Horny" and "Pop That Coochie" fame.

You see, the First Amendment rapper and 2 Live Crew founder best known for his NSFW rhymes focused on the southern female hemisphere and his 2011 Miami-Dade County mayoral candidacy on the "tax stripper" platform is dead serious about standing up for women's voting right.

"This is a women's election. This is about women's rights," Campbell recently told MTV News Power of 12 correspondent Andrew Jenks. "Right to choose. If people don't go out and vote then you'll get a guy in office that'll probably overturn [the landmark Supreme Court abortion ruling] Roe v. Wade ... you'll probably get the health care reforms overturned."

Campbell, who came in fourth in the 2011 mayoral election in his beloved hometown of Miami, has been speaking his mind about politics, sports and entertainment for more than two years as a columnist for the Miami New Times weekly paper. His recent columns have tackled everything from a local $1.2 billion school bond to the police reaction to violence at local youth football games and the flap over gymnast Gabby Douglas' hair.

But if you really want to get him going, just inquire about why the November 6 presidential election is so important. "People need to realize they need to go out and vote because if they don't we'll get set back another 10 years."

Check back for coverage of Tuesday's second presidential debate and stick with MTV's Power of 12 throughout the 2012 election season.