Ataris Frontman Explains Attack On His Drummer

'You're there to do a job,' Kris Roe says of drummer Rob Felicetti's inability to perform Sunday night, allegedly from drinking too much.

All is fair in rock and roll — or at least that is what Ataris frontman Kris Roe is saying in defense of his mid-concert attack on drummer Rob Felicetti Sunday in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

According to concert footage making the rounds on websites like, TMZ and The Examiner, Roe stopped in the middle of his performance, took off his guitar and threw it at Felicetti, after which he began to throw pieces of the drummer's equipment toward the back of the stage, all before attempting to explain his actions to the audience:

"Our drummer's f---ing failing it tonight. I don't know what the f---ing problem is but I'm gonna finish the set by myself," Roe said. "It's f---ing embarrassing. I can't handle it."

As word of the concert breakdown started to spread, Roe and his bandmates — sans Felicetti — took the time to record their own message to further explain why Roe was so enraged by their drummer's performance and the extenuating circumstances involved.

"We wanted to record this video to set the record straight," Roe says in the video. "First of all, I wish I would have handled the incident totally differently but I owe it to the fans [to explain that] there is only so much B.S. a band can take."

Roe went on to say that Felicetti had been drinking heavily before their show and that the band didn't discover his lack of sobriety until right before they were set to go onstage.

"We were completely surprised when Rob couldn't keep a beat," Roe said. "Rob is a great drummer, I would never say anything bad about my friend but ultimately you're there to do a job. ... I try to never take what I do for granted," he continued, reiterating the sentiment that he wished he would have handled the situation and his temper in a more constructive way. "[But] it's rock and roll. Sh-- happens."

There has been no official word released from Felicetti, but according to intel obtained by, the drummer has left the band.

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