Ke$ha To Release Illustrated 'Crazy' Memoir In November

'My Crazy Beautiful Life' will drop just weeks before her album, Warrior.

When you think Ke$ha, "author" is not the word that immediately comes to mind. Party, glitter, a bottle of Jack maybe, but memoir?

Well, the "Tik Tok" singer lives to confound and her latest project is sure to do just that. As her new single, "Die Young,"
 tears up the charts, she announced on Monday that she will lay bare her nutty life in an illustrated memoir slated for release on November 20 entitled "My Crazy Beautiful Life."

According to a release announcing the book, it will feature the 25-year-old's "thoughts and reflections" on her rocket rise to fame and feature photos that stretch from her childhood in Nashville to her most recent tour.

"In less than three years I've gone from being the worst waitress in LA to living out my childhood dreams of singing my songs to people all over the world," Ke$ha said in a statement. "Sometimes, it feels as if the last few years have encompassed a few decades. You might have heard my voice on the radio, seen me onstage and on the red carpet, or in a music video, but that's only a part of the story. In these pages, I'm revealing a more complete picture of what my life is really like. It's not all glamorous and it's not all pretty, but it's all real."

The singer's second full-length album, Warrior, is slated for release on December 4. Grammy-nominated and frequent collaborator superproducer Dr. Luke said the new songs will surprise fans.

"There's a lot of uptempo music there, but there are definitely some very raw songs in there with not a whole lot of production," he said of the tracks, which feature less Auto-Tune than fans might be used to. "She's singing songs with no doubles on it from the beginning to the end of the song, which you never hear in music anymore. She has a stellar voice, and it's funny that a lot of people haven't realized that, but they will now, for sure."