Lady Gaga's ARTPOP 'Coming Out Really, Really Great'

Co-manager Vincent Herbert gives MTV News an update as Gaga drops a remix for Zedd's 'Stache.'

On the Born This Way Ball, Lady Gaga has been dazzling fans onstage (and sometimes accidentally throwing up in front of them ). But in between gigs, the unpredictable singer is also at work on her upcoming album, ARTPOP.

"The record's coming out really, really great," Gaga's Streamline Records boss Vincent Herbert told MTV News, when he stopped by with wife/co-star Tamar Braxton to promote his new WE series "Tamar & Vince," "She's just recording and trying to make sure she's giving her fans a great, great album."

While we still don't know what the album will sound like, Gaga gave fans some new music over the weekend when she dropped her remix of "Stache," a track from her pal Zedd's debut LP, Clarity. Dubbed the "High Princess/ Stache Edit 2," it's a crunchy, at times light-hearted track, which features Gaga over the EDM star's grinding, dirty production. He previously remixed "Marry the Night," and rumor has it that Zedd is one of the folks working on Mother Monster's album.

ARTPOP is expected to drop sometime in early 2013, when Gaga returns from Europe for more U.S. dates on her tour, which Herbert also gave his seal of approval. "If you haven't seen the tour, can't wait for you to see it. It's phenomenal. She's just always changing things," he continued, noting that when he and Tamar caught the show, they knew she had cooked up something special. "I had been sick [with a pulmonary embolism] for a while, and we just came from London and Tamar whispered to me like, 'I got to rethink me.' Because when you see this girl on tour, it's like, 'I got to make sure I'm ready for this,' because she's always — she loves it. She loves her fans. She works hard and it's incredible."

Herbert is of course Gaga's co-manager but he stressed that the pop star is really like family.

"Her mom, her dad, we're all very close. It's not just work and that's what makes a relationship even better and even sweeter, that they're real people who care about each other. And we care about them as well and sorry you don't understand that," he said, addressing critical fans who have commented on the couple's close bond with Gaga. He noted that their friendship goes so deep that the singer visited him when he was in the hospital last year. "But that is what it is: If I called Stefani right now, and told her I need her to come back because I was sick [again], she would be right here."

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