One Direction’s Zayn Malik Calls Shotty On Olly Murs’ Scooter

Murs tells MTV News about how he ended up on a Stella Scooter while on tour with One Direction.

If you follow English singer Olly Murs on Instagram, you may be wondering: Where did he get that killer Stella Scooter and whom is he saving the extra seat for?

Well, according to the “Heart Skips a Beat” singer, this snapshot came to be while on the road with One Direction during their Up All Night tour. Murs, who was opening for the British boy band, stumbled upon the bike during a stop in Sunrise, Florida, and could not help but take advantage of the photo opp.

“This girl turned up, that was a girlfriend of a guy who was filming for us, and she had a really cool Vespa bike,” he told MTV News. “Obviously it had two seats and it was really cool, vintage, really old.”

As for the sidecar, Murs was reserving the spot for none other than 1D’s Zayn Malik. The two, who both competed on the U.K.’s “The X Factor,” reunited earlier this spring for the tour.

“Zayn was tweeting about Vespas and how much he likes them and I heard him talking about it and I was talking to him about it and so I took the picture and I just tweeted him,” Murs told MTV News. “Zayn never replies, so kind of a waste of time.”

While Murs insisted Malik had a special appreciation for the motor scooters, we couldn’t help but to think the message had something to do with a Vespa accident the “Live While We’re Young” singers had during a video shoot last year.

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