'Angry Birds: Star Wars': Five Levels We Want To See

From the Death Star to Endor, here are five levels Rovio must include in their upcoming 'Angry Birds' spinoff.

If you thought "Angry Birds Space" was out of this world, just wait — you've yet to join these pig-smashing egg-heads on a trip to a galaxy far, far away.

"Angry Birds" developer Rovio announced on Monday (October 8) a new pop culture-friendly permutation on the world's most addictive handheld game franchise: "Angry Birds: Star Wars," launching November 8 and transforming your favorite birds into your favorite "Star Wars" heroes. Classic Red is Luke Skywalker, newly introduced Pink is Princess Leia, while Yellow and Big Brother are teaming up as Han Solo and Chewbacca, respectively. The "Angry Birds: Star Wars" fun goes on and on, and like the Force, it's looking mighty strong.

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As both an avid "Angry Birds" loyalist and a longtime fan of the "Star Wars" brand, my mind is currently having trouble concentrating on anything outside of the impending Rovio-Lucas team-up. To make that obsession somewhat more productive, here's my list of the five must-include levels for "Angry Birds: Star Wars."

The Death Star

An egg-shaped Death Star, populated by piggy storm troopers and an end battle with Pig Vader, just goes without saying for any video game titled "Angry Birds: Star Wars." And the opportunity to see Vader strike down the explosive Obi-Bomb Bird? More powerful than you can possibly imagine.

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Ice is the Blue birds' specialty, right? Then you can't have "Angry Birds: Star Wars" without the Battle of Hoth. Although, curiously, we still don't know which "Star Wars" characters the Blue birds will represent.


Where else is Red-Luke going to learn how to master the Force? A trip to the swamp with no characters at our disposal other than Red and a boomerang-converted Yoda falls decisively in the "do," not the "do not," category.


The concluding battle of the "Star Wars" saga deserves a spot in the newest "Angry Birds" game, if only so we can toss some Ewoks and AT-ATs into the mix. We can hear the "yub-yub" squawks now...

Space Battles

Best served as Golden Egg-related bonus levels, space battles would draw in different kinds of birds and pigs than the normal levels; think special Millennium Falcon and X-Wing heroes, going up against the pig-shaped TIE Fighters seen on the "Angry Birds: Star Wars" announcement artwork.

Bonus: Absolutely Nothing From The Prequels
Keep your gungans out of my "Angry Birds," Rovio. I mean it.

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