Jay-Z Gets Beyonce To Grace Stage For Barclays Center Finale

'Of course I had to let BK touch the stage in BK,' Jay-Z says to Brooklyn crowd on the final night of his eight-show Barclays run.

Jay-Z has earned the right to be a little bit selfish. No doubt Hov could've called on music's biggest stars and maybe even President Barack Obama to stroll out during any of his eight shows at Brooklyn's newBarclays Center, but he kept his guest list to a minimum electing to soak in all of the hometown glory mostly for himself. But on Saturday (October 6) night's Barclays finale Mr. Carter brought out one very special guest, his wife Beyoncé.

Check Beyoncé out on stage with her man Jay-Z at Barclays Center

After running through the couple's duet " '03 Bonnie & Clyde" by his lonesome, Jiggaman made way for wifey who came stomping out to the tune of her 2008 single "Diva." Flanked by a number of dances, Bey who rocked black leather shorts and a matching Brooklyn Nets cap strutted across stage before launching into the crowd favorite "Crazy in Love."

The BK fans weren't the only ones in awe. Jay who dipped backstage for a spell, missed his "Crazy in Love" cue, so when it was time to spit his verse, his better half picked up the slack rapping, "Young Hova, y'all know the flow is loco."

Hov would later admit that he got so wrapped up watching Bey from the monitors backstage that he forgot he was supposed to come out to rhyme. "Oh sh-- I should probably rap here," Jay later explained of his mental lapse.

When the song was through Beyoncé exited the stage, but not before hubby Hov gave her a playful slap on the behind. "Of course I had to let BK touch the stage in BK-- well BKC now," he joked.

Bey would be back too for Jay's set-closing "Young Forever" in place of Mr Hudson, wearing skin-tight, black leather pants and a stylish black motorcycle jacket. The power couple even shared a smooch before they exited off stage while the hometown crowd cheered on.

Grand opening, grand closing!

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