Gunplay Delivers Raw And Uncut Dope On 601 & Snort

'This tape, I just wanted to get that hip-hop feel,' Gun tells Mixtape Daily of 601 & Snort.

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Headliner: Gunplay

Representing: Miami, Florida

Mixtape: 601 & Snort

Real Spit: Maybach Music's Gunplay has been riding high off his recent surge in popularity and on his latest mixtape, 601 & Snort, the Miami man delivers something raw and uncut. "This tape, I just wanted to get that hip-hop feel," Gun told Mixtape Daily of the tape he dropped last month.

Though Gunplay hails from the South, Rick Ross' right-hand man made a conscious effort to make sure he hit all points of rap's map. On his "187 Freestyle" Gun flows over Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg's 1992 classic single "Deep Cover."

"Tonight's the night I get in some sh--/ Bart Simpson sh--, I wanna see some crimson sh--," he spits to get into his California state of mind.

Gunplay immediately takes things back East and flows over Raekwon's New York banger "Criminology," then goes down South on his "Same Damn Time" remix with Rick Ross. "New York, they could relate with the Wu-Tang, West Coast could relate with the '187 Freestyle' or down South could relate the Pimp C joint," Gun explained. "I just wanted to get that hip-hop feel."

601 & Snort has a number of original moments as well. For "Real N---as," GP links up with Ricky Rozay, and on "Bible on the Dash," he drops a dose of street religion. "I got a problem and a plan, revolver in my hand/ Tryna keep it cool, but y'all won't understand/ That's why I roll with the Bible on the dash," he sings on the hook.

Whether the fiery Gunplay will ever be able to crossover to rap's pop spectrum remains to be seen, but when it comes to the streets, the MMG stand-out definitely has that worked out.

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» "Crimonology" — "Shout out to Raekwon, this is one of my favorite songs back in the day. It was just real street ninja ish."

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