Ashley Greene Inspires Envy Over 'Butter' Make Out With Olivia Wilde

'All of my male friends are like, 'What!?' ' actress tells MTV News of reactions to film's steamy sex scene.

If you think there's nothing sexy about "Butter," you best reassess your opinion of the animal by-product.

Starring Jennifer Garner, Ty Burrell, Ashley Greene and Olivia Wilde, "Butter" centers around the cut-throat world of competitive carving in a small Iowa town. But high-calorie competition isn't the only means of alleviating suburban ennui. There's also sex!

In one of the film's particularly steamy scenes that's been making its way around the Internet, Greene's teen character purchases the services of Wilde's stripper alter-ego, and it's a moment that's been garnering plenty of ink for the flick — and appreciative missives for its stars.

"I've gotten so many text messages now that that's started to air. Everyone likes to air that clip," Greene told MTV News' Josh Horowitz. "All of my male friends are like, 'What!?' [with] those little emojicons with the little smiley faces with the heart eyes. I get a lot of those. A lot of jealous boys, definitely."

Co-star Wilde didn't reveal how many texts she's received regarding the make-out, but she did recall filming the intimate moment and her main concern: making sure Greene was comfortable.

"That's always my concern in any social situation is, am I making everyone uncomfortable?" Wilde joked. "I love that scene because it's so unusual in that the innocent, suburban teen sweet girl was seducing the dirty stripper, and I thought that was so hilarious. Literally, in the scene, she's convincing me to do it, and I'm trying to pull out of it saying, like, 'This isn't my thing. I'm not really into girls.' And she's like, 'Come on!' And she pins me to the bed. When I read it, I laughed out loud, and that's just something I haven't seen before."

We have a feeling it's something audiences won't forget seeing any time soon.

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