Nude Christina Aguilera Blooms Out Of A Lotus On Album Cover

Xtina's photo glows bright white and soft pinks on LP, out November 13.

Christina Aguilera has unveiled her album cover for her November release, Lotus, and the singer is baring a lot of herself on it.

On the cover, she's nude, with her long, blond hair covering certain parts of her upper body, while he bottom half is shaded by a white smoky effect. Her arms are extended as she emerges from a lotus flower. She shared the cover with her fans on Twitter on Friday, just five weeks before the album is set to drop.

The photo certainly works with her artwork for her "Your Body" single, which features the singer naked, and covered only by a sheer, pink cloth. The album is slated for release on November 13, and Aguilera says that she's ready to show another side of herself on it.

"I've already put out a greatest hits record, so I've been in this business for a while, and ... I'm a risk taker, that's just who I am at heart. It's who I can't help but be. It's who I always am in nature, as a person and as an artist," she told MTV News about the release. "And with that comes hurdles and certain areas where people aren't going to get it and understand it artistically; sometimes it will go over their heads and it will not be as commercially successful.

"[And] personally, I'm someone that's always growing and evolving," she continued, "And at this point of my life, I feel that I've reached a place where I'm completely embracing everything about who I am, and I'm having more of an understanding of myself."

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