When 'Oranges' Cast Reimagines Film's Plot, Things Get Weird

'Everything collides in a comedy traumatic orgasm,' Adam Brody tells MTV News with co-stars Alia Shawkat and Catherine Keener.

For most people, the holidays are a time to come together with your loved ones and celebrate the occasion as a family. In "The Oranges," however, we learn this isn't always the case.

"Some Christmases don't go well," Catherine Keener, who plays Paige Walling, told MTV News. "This is one of them."

In the movie, Keener's character learns that her husband David Walling, portrayed by Hugh Laurie, is having an affair with their best friends' daughter, Nina Ostroff (Leighton Meester). While Paige manages to keep her cool throughout the majority of the flick, the stress eventually gets to her when she drives her car through the family's excessively ornamented lawn, physically assaulting Nina.

"Christmas is sort of the third-act combination where the sh-- hits the fan," explained Adam Brody, who plays Toby Walling in the film. "Our mom ... decides to go for broke in terms of sabotaging Hugh's relationship. Everything collides in a comedy traumatic orgasm."

With all of the chaos surrounding the Ostroff and Walling's festivities, you wouldn't think their holiday could get much worse, but when MTV News caught up with the show's actors they came up with some additional scenarios that would have really tipped this Christmas over the edge.

"My character could've made this movie even more dangerous and interesting and charged if I, Cathy, were having an affair with Hugh Laurie's character as well," said Allison Janney, who plays Cathy Ostroff.

While most of their answers somehow revolved around expanding David and Nina's scandalous affair, Alia Shawkat, who plays David's daughter, Vanessa Walling, really takes the situation to a whole new level.

"And then Vanessa would have a sex change to look like her dad," said Shawkat. "I'd get enough plastic surgery after years to look like Hugh Laurie and then find Leighton again and convince her to sleep with me but then I'd tell her after, look, it's me Vanessa!"

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