'Jersey Shore' Cast 'Understood' Snooki's Move-Out

'Who wants to be six months pregnant and hearing grenades walking in at 4 in the morning?' JWoww tells MTV News.

The final season of "Jersey Shore" is underway and Thursday's premiere brought a lot of changes to the Seaside shore house, the biggest being Snooki's baby bump.

While filming, Snooki entered the house six months pregnant with her first child with fiancé Jionni LaValle, and quickly realized that things would be a lot different. In a house known for late nights, partying and the occasional awkward hook-up, Snooki made the difficult decision of finding her own place to concentrate on her pregnancy.

"She kind of basically said she felt uncomfortable and she was right next door," Deena Cortese told MTV News. "We felt, 'she's pregnant, whatever keeps her down the shore.' "

And even though the news of Snooki's departure came as a surprise, the roommates were fully supportive of her decision.

"We understood because who wants to be six months pregnant and hearing grenades walking in at 4 in the morning," Jenni "JWoww" Farley said.

Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola added, "Everyone in that house, coming in at 4 being loud, crazy, obnoxious and then you have this pregnant woman who's trying to get sleep too; it's hard. It was understandable for us as to why Nicole wanted to get her own place."

During Thursday's two-part premiere episode, the housemates celebrated their summer arrival with a fist-pumping outing at the club, with Snooki opting for a romantic dinner out with LaValle. Several times throughout the dinner she couldn't help but wonder what kind of fun they were having without her, but Sammi admits that even though Snooki may have missed out at Karma, they still had plenty of fun times down the shore.

"We did things besides just go to the clubs so we could enjoy time with Nicole," Sammi said. "But she is so used to partying and going out, so she still went out, but it was a little bit difficult. I could just imagine being pregnant and being at the shore in general could just be hard."

Since she left the boardwalk, Snooki gave birth in August to a baby boy, Lorenzo Dominic LaValle, whom Sammi describes as the "most beautiful baby you've ever seen."

So how has Snooki adjusted to motherhood? Well, according to her fellow "Jersey Shore" housemates, Snooki was born to be a mom.

"It came naturally for her," Deena said. "And her and Jionni are great parents, they are like the cutest little things ever."

JWoww added, "They are like a tag team. They are so cute."

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