'Skyfall' Clip Captures Classic Bond Moment

The first clip from the new adventure finds Daniel Craig catching a train in true Bond fashion.

The first clip from "Skyfall," the latest 007 adventure, debuted over at Yahoo! Movies on Friday (October 5) as a part of a global "James Bond Day" celebration. At a lean 36 seconds, the footage manages to include five of the most essential characteristics that make Bond Bond.

The clip comes from the opening sequence of "Skyfall." On assignment in Turkey, Bond pursues someone for some reason, but all that really matters is he ends up in a digger on top of a moving train. What happens next is essential Bond. To stop the train, 007 rips out the back of a train car with the construction equipment, walks across its arm, and hops into the car.

It's such a perfect moment that we had to break it down into its Bond-iest components.

Impeccable Suiting

Let's start with the duds. For "Skyfall," production enlisted Tom Ford to craft suits to Daniel Craig's liking. He wanted something he could move in, and we see the suits at work here. Not every piece of formal wear allows the wearer to jump from train car to train car.

Operating Large Machinery

We're going to go ahead and assume that Bond's license to kill doesn't double as a license to handle construction equipment. The man who has driven a tank through the streets of Moscow and a motorized gondola through Venice never feels the need to make sure his credentials are in order.

Disregard for Bystanders

The car that Bond attacks with the digger happens to be full of what looks like innocent people. Though no harm comes to them, Bond could have just as easily taken out a few passengers with the clawed bucket.

Cool Calm

In 50 years of films, when has Bond ever seemed frazzled? Bond cannot be frazzled.

Cufflink Enthusiast

The pièce de résistance comes at the very end of the clip. After Bond has successfully and safely landed inside the train car, he does a quick sleeve check and adjusts his cufflinks, in what is perhaps the single most Bond act of all time.

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