'Jersey Shore' Celebrity Fans Share Their Top Moments!

'JWoww is my favorite,' 'Vampire Diaries' star Kat Graham tells MTV News before tonight's season premiere. 'She can beat a boy's ass!'

We can hardly believe that today (October 4) marks the beginning of the end of "Jersey Shore" — well, the beginning of its final season on MTV, that is. We have no doubt that the unforgettable castmembers will continue to make their mark on pop culture long after the last cab arrives to take them all home.

In celebration of the sixth season premiere tonight, MTV News asked a few celebrities to weigh in on the series' most epic moments and reveal their favorite castmembers.

"[I like] The Situation, because he's just so full of himself," said actor/singer Asher Monroe. "They're all characters. They make the show. If it was anybody else, it wouldn't be as hilarious."

"JWoww is my favorite," admitted "Vampire Diaries" star Kat Graham. "She can beat a boy's ass. I like that. Boys need a good ass-whoopin' sometimes."

We then brought up the subject of the infamous "smush room," which turned out to be very unfamiliar for several celebs like "Guy Code" star April Rose.

"The smush room? What's that?" Rose asked, after also being taken aback by learning that one of the castmembers called himself The Situation. "There's The Situation, how scary is that? I think I'd be scared to be in a room with him. The Smush Room with The Situation? What am I supposed to do?" she wondered. We're sure Mike could make some suggestions!

Finally, we asked celebs to recall the most unforgettable or outrageous moments during the past five seasons, not all of which were pleasant ones, as we learned from "Extra" host and "Dancing With the Stars" alum Maria Menounos.

"I remember The Situation leaving a girl in bed and going and cooking a steak dinner," Menounos recalled with an unpleasant expression on her face. "Not just microwaving mac and cheese; cooking a steak dinner and eating it as slow as he wanted, then go back to have his fun and then be like, 'Baby, I love you, but the cab is outside.' I would kill myself!" she said.

"Well, Ronnie is always getting in fights, and I always liked to see him just randomly pick fights with people on the boardwalk," Monroe added of his favorite "Shore" moment. "But I like how sensitive he gets when the [housemates] get on him and he gets emotional. Or when he and [Situation] got into a fight and he had to wear the brace."

Don't miss the final season of "Jersey Shore," premiering tonight at 10 p.m. ET on MTV. For more "Shore" coverage, head to MTV's Remote Control blog.