Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow Recall Their 'Steamy' Shower

In 'Pitch Perfect,' of course: 'Brittany and I just got real comfortable real quick,' Kendrick tells MTV News.

In case you need any more reasons to see "Pitch Perfect," a wholly entertaining ensemble comedy that is expanding in theaters this week, please allow stars Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow to convince you to purchase tickets with their very drawn-out play-by-play of a steamy shower scene they share in the film.

"The acoustics in there were lovely, for starters," Kendrick said of their scantily clad encounter, during which her character's singing in the shower is interrupted by Snow's character's insistence that they harmonize on the spot, as one, in the shower stall. "It was steamy and humid and hot, so your voice is all warm and loose and, you know, Brittany and I just got real comfortable real quick, out of necessity."

"Things got real," Snow added. "At the beginning, we were trying to be aware of our bits and pieces that were covering things, and then by the end, it just got so weird."

"It was hot. We were filming for a long time," Kendrick said.

"We were singing to each other, looking into each other's eyes," Snow continued, with a dreamy expression on her face.

The ladies clearly understand the finer points of an upsell and the importance of engaging the straight-male audience, which prompted Kendrick to get creative with her description of what exactly goes down in the scene.

"That scene is, like, 80 percent of the movie," she teased. "It's like a Hitchcockian kind of one long take."

"And more things happen as the scene goes on," Snow said.

"And then the pizza guy shows up, and we don't have any money to pay for it, because we're naked," Kendrick joked.

"That will get all the guys to come for sure," Snow concluded.

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