Machine Gun Kelly Says 'Gunplay Got Balls' For Awards-Show Brawl

'It was like high school to me,' MGK told 'RapFix Live' about BET Hip Hop Awards scuffles.

Machine Gun Kelly wasn't involved in the drama at the 2012 BET Hip-Hop Awards taping on Saturday, but the "Wild Boy" MC sure did feel the effects. "I was close enough to get some of the mace that was sprayed; I was close enough to get that in my eye," MGK said when he appeared on "RapFix Live" on Wednesday (October 3).

After Maybach Music rapper Gunplay got into a fight with members of 50 Cent's G-Unit crew, authorities sprayed mace to calm the tensions.

Unfortunately for MGK, a downwind left him blinded for a moment, but even days later, the rapper was still hyped up about the events. "From a kid coming from Cleveland, Ohio, it's crazy to see celebrities fight, yo," he said laughing. "It was like high school to me. This industry has not tainted me; I'm still star struck when I meet these people."

MGK brushes the drama off, noting that no guns were drawn and no one was seriously injured. "It's hip-hop, sh--'s gonna happen, I'm far from a saint. I've fought with regular people who try to sue me," he said. "Regardless of the outcome, a celebrity is not gonna sue me.

"That mother---er Gunplay got balls, man," he continued. "What do you expect for him to whoop on five huge dudes, whose job it is to whoop on mother---ers? If one of them came after me, I'ma get my ass whooped, but I still got balls."

Gunplay's scuffle wasn't the only incident at the words, Rick Ross and Young Jeezy also reportedly got into something. Kells was in the vicinity of their spat, but he says his back was turned and he wasn't able to see exactly what went down. "I had actually got done taking a picture with me, Jeezy and Puff. When our back was turned that's when that whole thing happened and huge, ginormous people came a shoved me into the wall," he said.

What Kells is most excited about is his awards-show performance with the rest of his Bad Boy crew. The 2012 BET Awards airs on October 9, the same day MGK drops his debut album Lace Up. The fiery rapper didn't want to give away too many details regarding his performance, but it does involve some mid-air theatrics. "If you want to talk about cojones, MGK got 'em," he teased.

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