'Paranormal Activity 4': Tackling Its Most Mysterious Questions

MTV News takes a stab at what secrets the horror flick's fourth installment will reveal.

Though the films have always taken on the same narrative structure, each installment of the "Paranormal Activity" series has moved the overarching story forward in big ways. What started as a simple haunting grew into something much bigger, involving a witches' coven and child sacrifice.

With "Paranormal Activity 4" just a few weeks away, we have to wonder what secrets about Toby and his evil plans will be revealed this time around. These are the questions we still have going in.

Is Robbie actually Hunter?

We're confident that we already have the answer to this one. Hunter went missing at the end of "Paranormal Activity 2," and for this installment, the action is picking up about five years later. The time jump would put Hunter roughly at Robbie's age. The previews thus far have all but come out and said Robbie is Hunter, but we'll hold on any definitive answer at this point. It would be quite the twist if Robbie wasn't, in fact, the missing child.

What Happened to Katie?

Let's assume for a second that Robbie is Hunter and that his "mom" is Katie, who in reality is his possessed aunt. The setup of "Paranormal Activity 4" involves an accident occurring, placing Robbie's "mom" in the hospital and the boy saddled with the across-the-street neighbors, since he doesn't have any other family. (Hmm.) But what happened to Katie? Could Toby's transfer from her body to Hunter's have had some negative effects? Is it all a ruse? Either way, the latest trailer hints that she'll make an appearance at some point, so we'll have to wait and see.

Why Does Toby Want A Boy?

"Paranormal Activity 2" expanded the mythology behind the invisible demon. It seems that all the demon has ever been interested in is young boy, and then "Paranormal Activity 3" fleshed out that storyline even more with the introduction of Grandma Lois and her wicked, baby boy-obsessed friends. But now that Toby has his hands on a male child, what's the next step? Does Hunter grow up to be the anti-Christ? Does Toby just straight-up eat hunter? We have no idea, and it's the next logical answer from the mythology.

Are There More Witches?

Speaking of Grandma Lois, have we seen the last of the witches' coven? They made such a terrifying impression during the breathless conclusion of "Paranormal Activity 3" that we would be at least a little disappointed if they didn't turn up this time around.

How Is Alice Connected?

For the first time in the series history, the focus has shifted off of the Katie and Kristi. Our new lead, Alice, is a teenage girl who enjoys Skyping with her boyfriend, playing Xbox, and is seemingly unconnected to the haunted family of the first three installments. What's the point of messing with Alice and her family unless the demonic Toby is up to something?

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