Nicki Minaj And Mariah Carey's 'American Idol' Beef: Real Or Staged?

Twitter reacts to profanity-laced blowup caught on video.

It's the moment everyone has been waiting for — whether we're willing to admit it or not.

When Nicki Minaj was announced as an "American Idol" judge, rumors immediately began to fly of a diva war between Minaj and Mariah Carey. Well, the new "Idol" season doesn't kick off until January, but sparks have already begun to fly, after TMZ posted footage of Nicki and Mariah going at it in a heated exchange during auditions in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Tuesday.

"I told them, I'm not f---ing putting up with her f---ing highness over there," Minaj says in reference to the "Vision of Love" singer.

The blowup has everyone talking about "Idol," and the curious will surely tune in a few months from now when the new season airs. "Idol" host Ryan Seacrest weighed in on the feud on his radio show Wednesday (October 3), saying the spat went "too far," but is it possible the beef was staged? Twitter surely weighed in.

"Real. 2 Divas. 2 Egos. Not to mention they reported on Mariah's alleged dissatisfaction w/ Nicki as a judge from day 1," wrote @SAndrewsPR on Wednesday morning.

"I think it's Nicki being typical Nicki to be honest.... I can't figure that chick out," added @keepitrealcole.

A number of folks believe the tiff is all staged. There's no doubt that a Minaj/Mariah beef makes for interesting television, but does the popular singing competition really need to cook up a fake beef? Some say yes.

"Publicity stunt. building the hype," tweeted @Leem_. "They've had poor rating last 2seasons. Seems desperate to milk that divas fighting storyline."

@Stone_Marley believes "American Idol" producers are going after ratings, especially with the growing popularity of "The Voice" and "X Factor," but @BoyWonder11 is still on the fence. "not sure," he wrote. "Mariah's a notorious diva; can see her clashing w/feisty Nicki. But Nick craves spotlight, so this could be a stunt too."

Real or staged: What's your take on Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey's "American Idol" blowup? Sound off in the comments!