Leighton Meester And Hugh Laurie's 'Oranges' Hook-Up Made Allison Janney Sick

'It's shocking. It's something you wouldn't want to deal with,' actress tells MTV News about scandalous neighborly affair in 'The Oranges.'

Leighton Meester is no stranger to a little scandal, but in her new movie "The Oranges," which hits select theaters this Friday, even her "Gossip Girl" character Blair Waldorf is put to shame.

MTV news recently chatted with the film's stars to get the scoop on the dramatic and somewhat-taboo relationships between their characters.

"Her and I used to be friends when we were in high school, and then she ditched me for the cool crowd," Alia Shawkat said about her character Vanessa Walling's relationship, or lack thereof, with Nina Ostroff (Meester). "Then she, like, travels the world and then she comes back and has sex with my dad."

In the film, Vanessa's father, David Walling, played by none other than Hugh Laurie, has an affair with his best friend/neighbor's daughter. The age difference between Meester and Laurie? In real life, the "House" star is more than 25 years her senior.

Get a closer look at Leighton Meester and Hugh Laurie's relationship with this exclusive clip!

"It's shocking. It's something you wouldn't want to deal with," said Allison Janney, who portrays Nina's mother, Cathy Ostroff. "I have no problem playing Cathy and going, I'm not, I'm not seeing this, this isn't happening, because she wants to control everything and this happens to her and she's like, no, I'm not dealing with, you know, it makes her throw up. I had to throw up."

In addition to Laurie, Meester, Janney and Shawkat, the rest of the cast includes Catherine Keener, Adam Brody, Oliver Platt and Sam Rosen

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