Diggy Simmons Was 'Shocked' By J. Cole's Freestyle Dis

Even though J. Cole's dis track caught him off-guard, Diggy tells MTV News 'It's love. We're family.'

So, are Diggy Simmons and J. Cole really at odds? Although the two have traded a few jabs on recent tracks, the young Simmons doesn't seem to have any lasting tension with the Roc Nation rapper.

The unexpected rivalry began back in April, when a track from Diggy called "What You Say To Me" leaked and it found the 17- year-old blatantly attacking Cole for spreading false rumors about dating his sister Vanessa.

All was quiet on Cole's front for months, and the two made peace behind the scenes, but then the North Carolina native finally seemed to retort on a recent freestyle. Diggy had one more rebuttal in "Fall Down" last month, but this all left most fans feeling confused. Is the beef real?

On the red carpet at the 2012 BET Hip-Hop Awards, Diggy casually explained his side of the story. "As far as I go with it, I put out what I put out because of things that I was hearing him say," he told MTV News. "And when I saw him after I put out the dis track he was like, 'Yo, you know it's all good. It's love. We're family,' and then he came back [again].

"I was shocked because my guard was down and we were cool," Diggy added, explaining his reaction when Cole's freestyle made the Internet rounds. "But then I was like cool, Cole really came back, and then I came back. There's nothing more to it than that."

Even if Cole and Diggy aren't taking this mini feud too seriously, Tyrese sure is. Last month he took to Twitter, announcing to the world that there was no room for the beef. "Sh-- ain't gonna fly no more," he wrote. " J Cole...Diggy is family...Sh-- ain't flyin...Ps...I', grown."

Rest easy, Tyrese, it doesn't seem like things will escalate much further between these two.