'Guy Code' Star April Rose Outgrows 'Stuck-Up' Facade With Safety App

Rose hooks up with LifeLine Response mobile app to protect users from sexual assault.

You may know April Rose from the cast of MTV2's "Guy Code," which was just picked up for a third season, or for gracing the pages of Maxim magazine. But here's something you might know about this "Hometown Hottie": After high school, Rose served as a licensed Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and worked as a certified sexual assault medical counselor for six years.

Both are roles that surprise fans and foes alike, she told MTV News. "When people think of me, they probably think of a stuck-up girl that is a diva."

These days, it's not just manscaping roundtables (she says that trimming is key) and bikini-clad photo shoots for the actress/model. To continue her movement against sexual assault, Rose hooked up with LifeLine Response as a spokesperson, for the new mobile phone app that alerts authorities if the user is in need of help.

"It's basically to protect you against walking down a dark alley, and if you're nervous about it, you have a direct connection with the police and authorities around your area," she said. "I know for me, I live in Chicago, walking around O'Hare Airport at 3 in the morning, looking for my car, sometimes I don't feel safe and so it's a cool application to have."

In the spirit of learning new things about the "Guy Code" star, we asked the actress to share some additional unknown facts. While it took some serious thought and concentration, she revealed some tidbits that even her publicist wasn't expecting. From getting kicked out of high school during her sophomore year to her enthusiasm for golf — "It's a dorky sport but I love it" — all provided support that April Rose is so much more than a "stuck-up girl."

Have you downloaded the LifeLine app yet? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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