Jonas Brothers Debuting New Music Next Week?

The brothers tweet about their big Radio City show, leaving fans wondering if new music is to come.

If you haven't heard, the Jonas Brothers are prepping for their big comeback. Nick, Joe and Kevin are inching closer to giving fans something solid to listen to.

On big brother Kevin's reality show, "Married to Jonas," they've broached the comeback topic on several occasions, including this past episode when they teased an in-the-works new tune.

While the guys recently told MTV News they want to release a brand-new single "as soon as possible," it's unclear if the song they recorded during this week's episode is that single.

What is clear is that the fellas are sticking to the Jonas music formula of bouncing pop tunes grounded in organic instrumentation.

In the tease, Nick croons over an airy beat and melody, "I'll meet you in Paris/ Somewhere in dreamland come to life/ That smile you're wearing/ Keeps me believing, keeps me alive/ We'll be the king and queen to our broken scene/Meet you in Paris/ Meet you in Paris."

The teaser is only one piece of the puzzle as the guys prep for their highly anticipated comeback performance at Radio City Music Hall on October 11. And, it seems that it will not only mark the first time they've played together after a lengthy hiatus, but also the night they might finally play some new music.

"We are so excited to share our new music with you SOON! 10/11/12 #JBRadioCity," they tweeted about the show, which comes after months spent in the studio.

With fans hoping to hear something new as soon as next week, Kevin noted that anything is possible with those tunes.

"We've done some out-of-the-box things. We've done some things that are rocky, poppy, country-ish. We've done everything," he said. "I think this album, people are like 'Where's the new music?' And I think they're waiting for new music to come out so quickly. But really, we've been cultivating it for so long, we really want to spend the time needed to make it as perfect as can be because so much is riding on this album for us. ... We've been gone for so long that if it's not right, then it could go very badly."

He added, "So, hopefully, people accept the avenue that we're going down. I'm really looking forward to people hearing the new music."

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