Cody Simpson Gets A 'Sugar High' For Instagram Pic

'I was really fascinated by my blue tongue,' he tells MTV News of sweet and sour pic.

Cody Simpson is no stranger to the power of Instagram. Whether he is hanging ten at the beach or taking the stage with Carly Rae Jepsen, the 15-year-old Australian has taken his fans anywhere and everywhere he goes.

So, it is no big surprise the "Wish U Were Here" singer brought his Instagram followers along for a sour then sweet treat when he posted this photo of his bright blue tongue earlier this summer.

"I had, like, five blue Warheads," Simpson told MTV News. In the fish-eyed photo, the singer is wearing a powder-blue blazer as he confidently displays his abnormally hued tongue for his followers. "After, like, three, I saw my tongue, obviously, started getting blue and I was like, 'I might as well have two more.' "

And what exactly possessed Simpson to upload this picture to his account, captioning the snapshot with "Sexy Blue Tongue Lizard Face"?

"I was really fascinated by my blue tongue," Simpson explained. "I had a sugar high, I had a blue tongue and that's pretty much how this photo, the craziness of this photo came about."

In celebration of his new record Paradise Simpson has been posting artwork and behind-the-scenes shots from his album throughout the past three months to the photo-sharing website. His debut LP drops Tuesday and will feature singles "Wish U Were Here" featuring Becky G and "Be the One."

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