Seth MacFarlane Laughs Off Oscars Hosting Gig In 2011

'I think you have to at least be on a cable show first,' the 'Family Guy' funnyman joked last year when MTV News asked if he'd be up for the job.

In thinking about the most high-profile gigs in Hollywood, the host of the annual Academy Awards ranks right up at the top in terms of its megawatt visibility. And because of the various stressors and risks associated with the job, it makes sense that many more people would turn down the gig versus those who would accept it — including recently announced 2013 host Seth MacFarlane.

Just last year, at the Vanity Fair Oscar party, MTV News asked MacFarlane if he'd ever consider throwing his hat in the ring as a future Oscar host, and this is what he had to say:

"No!" he said definitively. "Nobody knows who I am. I think you have to at least be on a cable show first."

My, how the times have changed! MacFarlane's stock has been a very safe bet in recent years, given his hugely successful shows "Family Guy" and "American Dad," but 2012 has been a particularly banner year for the actor/writer/director/funnyman thanks to his box-office-ruling summer comedy "Ted," along with a well-received performance hosting "Saturday Night Live" and his turn as an Emmy presenter.

Contrary to what MacFarlane told us in 2011 about no one knowing who he is, we're pretty sure he doesn't have to worry about that anymore, although he did admit in an interview with Deadline that he was very surprised to be asked to host.

"[I'm] ecstatic. I was surprised," he said. "I have done a fair amount of hosting in the past, but nothing of this magnitude. I was very, very pleasantly surprised."

The 85th annual Academy Awards will be broadcast live February 24, 2013, on ABC.

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