'Amazing Spider-Man' Sequel: What We Know So Far

Marc Webb and Andrew Garfield's return to 'Spider-Man' is just one of the many things we already know about the 'Amazing' sequel.

It's official — Marc Webb and Andrew Garfield are back in the web-slinging business. Sony announced on September 28 that the "Amazing Spider-Man" director and star are indeed returning for the upcoming sequel, debuting on May 2, 2014. Emma Stone is considered likely to reprise her role as Peter Parker's girlfriend Gwen Stacy as well, though her deal has not been finalized as of yet.

With Garfield and Webb in place, it won't be long before more and more "Spider-Man" sequel details start to emerge. (How about a "Spectacular" title reveal, for instance? Or some casting news on the bad guy front?) While we wait for even more concrete information to spin its way onto the web, here's a helpful rundown of what we do know about the developing sequel.

It's Part Two Of Three

With "The Amazing Spider-Man," Webb and Garfield effectively rebooted the Spidey franchise wholesale, swinging away from the Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire trilogy of old. The new origin has what appears to be a definitive end point, as well, as Sony has previously referred to "Amazing" as "the first installment in a movie trilogy." In other words, get excited for the "Amazing" sequel — but don't forget that a third, conclusive movie is out on the horizon as well.

It's Written By Bad Robots

Though Garfield is the first and only actor to officially sign on the dotted line for the next "Spider-Man" film, there are other key players already in place. Beyond Webb's return as director, the "Amazing" sequel has tapped Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, veterans of J.J. Abrams' Bad Robot shingle, to pen the screenplay. Both writers have previously expressed their admiration for the "real world" feel of "The Amazing Spider-Man," and one imagines that they'll continue to push the boundaries of an extraordinary figure in an ordinary world. Also joining them for writing duties is another Bad Robot fixture: former "Fringe" showrunner Jeff Pinkner.

Its Bad Guy Is Still Totally Unknown

One of the very biggest mysteries still surrounding the "Spider-Man" sequel is this: who the heck is the bad guy going to be? We still don't know the identity of the mystery man at the end of "Amazing," and Webb won't offer any clues on the subject. Perhaps there's a hint to be mined from Garfield's list of favorite "Spider-Man" rogues, however, a group that includes Green Goblin and Elektro. And don't forget that Rhys Ifans' Curt Connors is still in the mix; it's entirely possible that the Lizard could be unleashed on New York City once again for a second round of reptilian rampage.

It Could Be The Death Of Gwen

Even with the villain's identity unknown, we might already know the big bad's biggest victim: Peter's ill-fated first love, Gwen. Fans of the comics are all too aware of Gwen's tragic demise at the hands of the Green Goblin. If you're hoping for some kind of reprieve in the movies, you might want to brace yourself for disappointment: not only is Emma Stone prepared for Gwen to die, she's actually rooting for that outcome. "I think that's a hugely important part of her story and of this incarnation of Spider-Man. I think that was very important to everybody," she's said of Gwen's death in the past. Whether it happens in the "Amazing" sequel or the concluding act of the trilogy, it's all too likely that Gwen and Peter won't have the happy ending most fans are desperately rooting for.

It'll Build A Bigger World

Marc Webb has stated that The Daily Bugle is "a very important part of the canon" and could involve the return of J. Jonah Jameson to the Spidey film series. Parker's "untold story" will continue to unfurl over the next film and beyond, if Webb's previous comments are any indication. Heck, "Spider-Man" might even cross over with other comic book properties, such as "Venom." Maybe Sony and Disney will take another stab at tying the wall-crawler into the "Avengers" universe, too. In other words, if one thing is absolutely certain about Webb and Garfield's upcoming sequel, it's this: the world of "Spider-Man" is just starting to open up.

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