'Revenge' Season Two: Is Emily's Wedding Back On?

'Daniel and Emily Thorne's relationship is a bit rocky — very rocky,' ABC star Joshua Bowman tells MTV News.

The season finale of ABC's "Revenge" left us not only in suspense, but with many unanswered questions. Is Victoria still alive? Will Emily find her long-lost mother? How long before everyone finds out that she is Amanda Clarke? Will she ever start a relationship with Jack?

Well, it doesn't seem like we'll get all the answers during the season-two premiere, titled "Destiny," on Sunday (September 30). The network's teasers show that Emily's plans "have shifted" from trying to destroy the Grayson's to finding answers about her mother.

However, there will be many obstacles in her way, and one of them could possibly be Victoria, played by Madeleine Stowe. Now, even though viewers are unsure of Victoria's fate, since her plane crashed in the final episode, it seems as if her work isn't done yet, and according to Stowe, we may see some parallels between Victoria and Emily, played by Emily VanCamp.

"Victoria has done a lot of damage to her life, but Emily is very much on a similar path in another way," Stowe told MTV News at the ABC Upfronts in May. "And I've always seen them as two sides of the same coin. I think that as the show goes on, you'll see more and more of her back story that will explain why her psychology is what it is."

So, if Victoria does return, is there a chance she and Emily will reconcile?

"I think Victoria is always trying to redeem herself," VanCamp said. "But I think she struggles with it because she's done so many horrible things, so that will be an interesting thing to see."

What will also be interesting is the unfolding story of Emily's love life. When we last left off, Emily called off her engagement to Daniel, played by Joshua Bowman. Yet, according to the stars of the show, we shouldn't rule out a wedding just yet, especially since her true love Jack is tending to a pregnant Amanda.

"I don't know, it depends on how that affects her little plans, so we'll see," VanCamp said of a possible wedding.

Stowe has a more detailed prediction. "I think, probably to cause more trouble from the Graces, they probably will walk down the aisle," she said. "That's my guess, but I think that Jack is probably her true love."

Even Bowman agrees, that as a fan of the show, he would much rather see Emily end up with Jack.

"Daniel and Emily Thorne's relationship is a bit rocky — very rocky," Bowman said. "If I was a watcher, I'd rather she end up with Jack."

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