Chris Lighty's Brother Wants Answers In Music Mogul's Suicide

'Chris was a go-getter, the ultimate non-stopping machine,' Dave Lighty tells 'Sway in the Morning,' discussing family's investigation.

Medical examiners have ruled the death of music mogul Chris Lighty a suicide, but those that knew the manager to the stars just aren't buying it.

Chris' brother, Dave Lighty, sat down with MTV News correspondent and Shade 45 radio host Sway Calloway, during his "Sway in the Morning" show on Friday (September 28). "I just feel like there are a lot of unanswered questions and I need answers," Dave said of his deceased brother and the investigation that his family is launching. "I was with my brother almost every day until the last couple of months because I was going to school. Nah, that's my brother. I know we were all going through stressful times. Everybody is sh--. The economy is terrible right now."

On August 30, Lighty was found dead at his Bronx, New York, apartment with a gunshot wound to the head after an argument with his wife. Investigators on the scene determined that the wounds were self-inflicted and the medical examiner later officially ruled Lighty's death a suicide. Reports have pointed to Lighty's debt to the IRS and his troubling marriage as reasons why the industry visionary would take his own life.

Dave believes that his brother, who oversaw the careers of music stars like 50 Cent, Mariah Carey and Diddy, would never take his own life. "Chris was a go-getter, the ultimate non-stopping machine," he said. "That's just not something I would see him putting upon the rest of us and everybody that he knows that looks up to him."

Lighty's family members aren't only people who believe there is something more to his death. 50 Cent is helping with their investigation. "There was too much planning to move forward to accept right away that he just shot himself," the G-Unit CEO told Fox News' New York affiliate on Monday.

It's been reported that Chris left a will, which left his wife in full control of his estate, but because of delicate nature of the case, Dave Lighty can't shed much light on the details of the investigation. "Once everything gets out there, it'll be known to the public," he told Sway. "But right now, I kind of got to keep things on the low."

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