Britney Spears, Demi Lovato Get Straight A's From Olly Murs

Singer and former 'X Factor' (U.K.) contestant raves to MTV News about the newbie judges.

Olly Murs knows all about "The X Factor." After competing on the U.K. version of the show in 2009, he not only launched his music career but spent some time as the host of the supplementary series, the "Xtra Factor." So we couldn't resist asking him what he thought of the newbie judges who debuted earlier this month on the Stateside edition of the show: Britney Spears and Demi Lovato.

And while Olly hadn't seen a full episode with the new ladies on the panel yet — "I haven't [watched] because I have been in America for the last two weeks ... so I've actually got it recorded in the U.K., so when I get back I'm going to watch it" — he was happy to weigh in based on his knowledge about them as performers. With that in mind, he's totally into what they bring to the show.

"Obviously, I've heard good things from people in the industry," he told MTV News. "And obviously, it's going to get mixed reactions because it's Britney Spears and people are always going to have their opinions on Britney. I mean, everyone should admire her for what she's achieved in her career and what she's done.

"She's one of the biggest artists that we've ever had," he gushed. "What she's achieved musically is amazing and I think this just gives her a new string to her bow. And I think that if there's anyone that could judge someone on the 'X Factor,' she's qualified to do it. Let's be honest, also, she's had her ups and downs in the industry as well so it's going to be exciting to see how she copes with it all as well and how she gets on."

As for Demi's role on the show, Olly said he had heard all about it from their mutual friends. (You might know them as One Direction.)

"Demi Lovato, I mean, I don't know too much about Demi, but hearing about her from the States and hearing about her from the likes of One Direction speaking about her, obviously she's a very lovely girl, fun," Murs said.

"She's obviously a great singer and great performer as well. ... And we all know what Simon [Cowell] brings to the table and L.A. Reid," he continued. "So it seems to me a really exciting panel, and I'm sure people are going to enjoy that. And I think 'X Factor' can only get better from this point onwards. From [my] experience in the U.K., it took the show a good couple of years to hit its peak and I'm sure it will take a couple years before it hits the peak in America."

While fans are tuning in week after week to see what Spears and Lovato are bringing to the show, Olly said he would "love to" make a cameo on the Fox show as he gears up for the release his U.S. debut, Right Place, Right Time, in December.

"I think with Simon, he's obviously very realistic and I have to have success here [first]," 28-year-old Murs admitted. "I'm hoping that [my single] 'Heart Skips a Beat' can still be a success and it keeps building and the album does well and who knows? Fingers crossed."

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