'Dark Knight Rises' Blu-ray: Deleted Scenes We'll Never See

Christopher Nolan's final Batman movie hits shelves on December 4 without deleted scenes or director's cut.

When "The Dark Knight Rises" hits Blu-ray and DVD on December 4, it will come loaded with extras including behind-the-scenes featurettes, a documentary on the Batmobile, trailers and art galleries, Entertainment Weekly reported on Thursday. But conspicuously missing from the set are the rumored deleted scenes and director's cut.

While there is strong evidence supporting the existence of these scenes, they failed to make the Blu-ray. Since we will probably never know what Christopher Nolan left on the cutting-room floor, we've pieced together our ideas for what may have been left out.

Bane's Origin

One of the few scenes rumored to actually exist and one that could have helped flesh out Bane, the origin of the masked revolutionary will likely never see the light of day. Blame Nolan's storied history of never including deleted scenes or a director's cut on DVD or fault the League of Shadows. It looks like, at least for now, the expanded story of the man who helped young Talia escape the prison will remain a mystery.

Talia's Actual Death Scene

The dramatic, Western head lunge. The dying breath. Talia's demise failed to satisfy for a number of reasons — some character development would have helped — but the way in which she met her end inspired unintentional laugher and even a Tumblr. We would have loved to have seen Talia spring back to life, saying, "Do you guys really think that's how people die?"

Anything with Lucius

For having such a meaty role in "The Dark Knight," the CEO of Wayne Enterprises was conspicuously missing during most of "The Dark Knight Rises." Sure, he popped up once in a while and nearly played a big role in disarming the nuke, but all he really had to do was talk us through some plot points and almost drown.

Traveling To and From the Prison

One moment, after the fight in the sewers, Bane is in Gotham and the next, he has Bruce locked up in his prison, which looks like it's on the other side of the world. On top of that, once Bruce escapes, he just pops right back up in the blocked-off Gotham like it's no big deal. There must be some kind of express train that goes from Gotham to the secret underground prison, and it must not have made the final cut.

Escaping the Nuke and Bruce's Swim to Italy

Speaking of quick travel, even with a functioning autopilot, we're curious how Bruce managed to make it back to the shore, outside the blast radius. How far did he have to swim? Did the knife wound in his side affect his breast stroke? We need answers, Nolan!

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