Ciara Flaunts Her Strength With One Woman Army

'It represents my strength, it represents where I stand with love, it represents what I want out of life,' Ciara tells MTV News of upcoming fifth album.

Ciara is feeling brand new. With the release of her fifth studio album, One Woman Army, fast approaching, the Atlanta songbird feels ready to conquer the world.

"One Woman Army, it represents my independence," Ciara told MTV News from the video set for "Got Me Good" in Los Angeles. "It's not about being over-independent, but it does represent my independence as a woman and it represents my strength. It represents where I stand with love. It represents what I want out of life as a woman. It's all of that in one and more."

A week prior to her shoot CiCi came up to MTV and played some selections from the album for staffers and tastemakers. She even showed off a few dance moves in the process. Her first single, "Sorry," is a power ballad which showcases Ciara's vocal strength like never before. The Rodney Jerkins-produced "Got Me Good" is a souped-up dance number that recalls the Ghost Town DJ's 1996 bass classic "My Boo."

While Ciara has been delivering dance anthems since her 2004 debut, Goodies, she promises One Woman Army will offer something more, and it all starts with a change within herself. "The way this one was different is, I think, it was really more so the freedom that I felt with being vulnerable and my confidence," she explained. "Me starting with just wanting to completely be free and be me in my song and not care about what anybody has to say."

The "1, 2 Step" singer isn't quite finished putting the finishing touches on One Woman Army, but already the album has her with her eyes set on brighter days. "I'm so excited about my future. That was my inspiration," she said. "I just wanted my music to give out that feeling."

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