Christina Aguilera's 'Your Body': As Bad As Her Baddest Videos?

In celebration of Aguilera's return, here's a look back at just how bad she can really be.

Based on everything we've seen so far, Christina Aguilera isn't shying away from her sexy side in her "Your Body" video, and, really, we'd expect nothing less.

After all, throughout her career, Xtina has never been afraid to push the boundaries, seemingly delighting in making the censors sweat with her bad-girl antics. In fact, her baddest music videos also stand out as some of her very best ... so in celebration of her triumphant return, here's a look back at some of her sexiest clips. As she's proven time and time again, she's definitely very good at being very bad.

"Ain't No Other Man"

Aguilera kicked off her Back to Basics reinvention with this appropriately anachronistic clip, where she vamps through Prohibition-era Harlem as her alter-ego Baby Jane. Her onstage antics — and backstage strip show — get the joint jumping (and pulses pounding), and, of course, she ends the video draped seductively atop a piano, proving once again that things really were better back in the day.


Another Basics-era clip (seriously, was there ever a better period in her career?) another example of just how sexy retro can be. And though Aguilera's mostly going for glam here, she's also plenty bad, too, swinging her way into some servicemen's heart, coyly sipping on a milkshake and shaking it so hard your even your grandpa had to notice.

"Can't Hold Us Down"

Proving that she's bad enough to hang with even the baddest of bitches — the one and only Lil' Kim — Aguilera takes it to the streets, strutting in some seriously short shorts and dishing out plenty of attitude for the guys on the stoop (she even gets one particularly raunchy hand gesture blurred by censors). And then Kim shows up and kills it with a verse that turns the tables on sexual politics. Like the hook goes, "Can't Hold Us Down."


Basically the bad video to end all bad videos, Aguilera got into plenty of hot water over this clip (it's certainly the first music video in history to be linked to the Thai sex trade), which features her parading around in barely-there outfits and begging to "get off." Most folks — including her fans — were shocked by her bold, hyper-sexualized transformation, and tellingly, she was back soon after with the more demure "Beautiful," which satisfied her fanbase and proved to be a much bigger hit.

"Lady Marmalade"

Sure, she's teamed up with plenty other bad gals — Pink, Lil' Kim and, uh, Mya — but with her wild mane of hair and fishnet stockings, Aguilera out-shines them all. And then, almost to remind us that she's the baddest, she nails that one massive, stank-tastic finishing note. Xtina is not to be trifled with.

"Not Myself Tonight"

Much like her "Dirrty" video, this clip from Bionic had fans' jaws dropping to the floor. Packed to the gills with scenes of S&M, skin-tight catsuits and some scandalous dance sequences, it may very well be the boldest, baddest reinvention of her entire career ... at least until "Your Body" premieres, that is.

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