Jay-Z Brings Kanye West, U2, Coldplay To 'NBA 2K13' Video Game

'I'm just gonna be honest: I felt that they cheated us on the music,' Jay-Z tells MTV News of the yearly video game series.

NEW YORK — We're used to seeing Jay-Z executive-produce albums, but executive-producing video games? That's a whole different ballgame.

Hov was on hand Wednesday night at the 40/40 Club in Manhattan to unveil "NBA 2K13," the new basketball simulation game that he helped usher into the marketplace. Aside from overseeing the game's soundtrack, the God MC also came up with the idea of having the iconic 1992 Olympic Dream Team in the game as well as the latest U.S. gold medalists.

"I always thought the flavor of the games were lacking," Jay-Z told MTV News candidly as he walked the carpet at the 40/40. "I'm just gonna be honest: I felt that they cheated us on the music."

For photos of Jay and other celebrities at the premiere of "NBA 2K13," click here.

The tracks Jay helped select for "2K13" (in stores October 2) are hard to front on. Not only did he include Jigga favorites like "On to the Next One" and "Run This Town," Jay also tossed an assist to Kanye West by including G.O.O.D. Music's "Mercy" and Meek Mill and Rick Ross by including their hit "I'ma Boss." Even onetime rivals Mobb Deep got some love, now that their 1994 classic "Shook Ones Pt. II" appears on the soundtrack.

The excitement for the release is so high that NBA stars like Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose and the Brooklyn Nets' Brook Lopez were in attendance. Meek Mill performed and music stars like Bow Wow and Nas showed up as well. "I think music and sports go hand-in-hand, and they wouldn't pay out to get a U2, a Coldplay, a Kanye," Jay said of game developer 2K Sports. "I thought it was very smart of them and very open of them to come and allow us to bring the game closer to the culture. They were really cool about it."

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