'Paranormal Activity 4' Trailer #2: Five Key Scenes

In the latest preview of the found-footage flick, we get an even creepier look at the kinds of scares we're in for.

Hopefully you've charged up your camcorder's battery, because a new trailer for "Paranormal Activity 4," the latest installment of the demonic found-footage series, has debuted over at iTunes.

The preview features a lot more of the story than the previous one and gives us glimpses of a bunch of new scares. To help figure out what will be scaring us on October 19, we've broken down the trailer into our five key scenes.

Something's Wrong Across the Street

Finally, we have a trailer for "Paranormal Activity 4" that lays out the setup for us beyond "the neighbor kid is creepy." Something happens across the street from Alice, the main character, and when emergency crews take away the single mother living there, her son, Robbie, moves in with his neighbors. Instead of the potential demon child living across the street, as the last trailer led us to believe, he's going to be staying under the same roof. Great.

Hanging Chandeliers for Dummies

It doesn't take long after Robbie shows up that the weird, typically paranormal stuff begins to happen, but none of that seems to convince Alice's mom, who thinks a falling chandelier is nothing to worry about. Seriously, a chandelier almost crushes Alice, and Robbie is standing next to where it used to be on a balcony. That kid is up to something.

Robbie Nee Hunter

Let's talk about this kid for a second. There's something suspicious about him. First, he probably knocks down that chandelier in order to kill Alice, which didn't work. Then he goes and scribbled the word "Hunter" on the back of a closet door in crayon. Who does he expect is going to clean that up? It's just inconsiderate.

But seriously, Robbie is likely Hunter, Kristi's kidnapped son, who will likely play host to the demon known as Toby.

Brought to You By Microsoft

The "Paranormal Activity" series has routinely introduced creative, gimmicky riffs on the typical found-footage scares and usually to great effect. Last year, "Paranormal Activity 3" introduced us to the fan cam, and now we have Xbox Kinect. The motion-sensing video game peripheral works by using tracking dots, which incidentally look creepy in night vision. We have a sneaking suspicion that we will eventually come to hate those dots.


The trailer's kicker shows us the shadowy silhouette of a woman, standing down the hall from Alice and her camera. Perhaps Katie, who has made an appearance in every "Paranormal Activity," isn't out of the picture quite yet.

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