One Direction Are 'Going To Win' At EMA, Ed Sheeran Predicts

'Lego House' singer opens up to MTV News about his EMA nomination, hitting the road and his wacky plans for his next album.

Ed Sheeran has a busy autumn ahead of him. Not only is he on two of the most anticipated albums of the year (Taylor Swift's Red and One Direction's Take Me Home) and up for an EMA in November, but he's also on the road right now promoting his hit debut album, +.

And, while he promises MTV News that he's "not thinking about songs at the moment" and instead is focusing on life on the road, he did note that whatever he does next musically just might be more out of the box than his fans might be expecting.

MTV: Do you know what you want to do musically [on your next album]?

Sheeran: I think the album will be similar to +. It will just be a little more of an evolution, a bit more of a development, but not like you know like when people come out with their first album and then their second album is Tibetan Monk singing music and like meditation sh--. It will be similar.

I was going to come out with a reggae-infused heavy metal album called Dog Sh-- and it's going to come out in two weeks' time and it's going to be a massive hit.

MTV: You just got nominated for an EMA [for Best U.K. and Ireland Act] as well.

Sheeran: Yeah, that was quite cool. I was a bit surprised about that.

MTV: Oh, really, why?

Sheeran: Because the EMA kind of seems like quite the American-leaning awards, even though it's [European] Music Awards. It's always kind of American-leaning, and obviously there's the U.K. and Ireland. I don't know. I was a bit surprised to be in that. It should be cool. It's public vote, though. So One Direction's going to pick that up, 'cause anything's that public vote with One Direction, with them, they're going to win. Taylor [Swift's] got like six though, right?

I've been nominated for three MOBOs as well, which is the Music of Black Origin awards and, like, I'm white and make folk music. I haven't a clue, and that's public vote as well, so I'll be very confused if I win that, very confused.

MTV: Who are you nominated against?

Sheeran: People who actually deserve it, like actually rappers and urban singers. I don't want to be taking the shine off anyone else who works hard. It's like me being up for a BET Award basically. That would be a bit weird. I'd have to get a scepter though, a scepter and a mink coat.

MTV: [About Taylor Swift,] what do you listen to on a trampoline [like where you guys wrote a song together]? Is there a trampoline soundtrack? Is your song you wrote with [Taylor] the perfect one for a trampoline?

Sheeran: Nah, probably the "Gangnam Style" song is the perfect trampoline song. You can imagine bouncing up and down. No, no [I can't do the dance]. I watched it and like I don't know. I think you have to really put yourself into it. You have to be like, "I'm just going to make a fool out of myself" and just do it. You have to really kind of put yourself into it. I can't dance anyway. It would kind of be a halfway thing. I like listening to it though. I could imagine that would be a good trampoline song, that and the song "Bounce" [by] Calvin Harris.

MTV: This is such a long tour. Do you feel daunted by that process?

Sheeran: No, no. I think this tour is going to be very enjoyable. I can't wait to do it. We're going to be hitting all the places that I've never been to before in the U.S. and doing it as a headline thing, so it's going to be good.

MTV: Do you have favorite things you like to do like on your own while on tour in your off time?

Sheeran: Favorite things in off time? Chipotle. That's pretty much it. Chipotle every day, without fail. We don't really get much Mexican food in England.

MTV: That's a lot of burritos.

Sheeran: That's a lot of burritos, yeah. You can get the dip and chip as well. Yeah, a lot of gas.

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