Rihanna’s ‘Diamonds:’ The Bad Girl Grows Up

On her latest single, Rihanna seems to be putting past dramas behind her, focusing instead on the pleasures of the present.

Used to be, whenever the words “Rihanna” and “mature” were used in the same sentence, the latter was followed by “audiences only,” and folks were attempting to decode what she meant by “Birthday Cake.” Yes, for the past few years, Rih Rih has seemingly delighted in pushing both boundaries and buttons, tweaking parental units with a string of hits that were as gleefully raunchy as they were, well, unsubtle.

And while she’s still the same girl in her personal life — at least if her Instagram account is to be believed — it appears that, musically, Rihanna may be in the midst of some grand metamorphosis: based on brand-new single “Diamonds,” one can gather that perhaps, at long last, she’s growing up.

To be fair, the single’s artwork does feature her rolling diamonds into a joint, but on the song itself, she displays a marked level of (dare I say it?) maturity, one evident in the restrained production and perhaps best exemplified by the first mantra she lays on us: “I choose to be happy.”

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