French Montana Reunites With Estranged Father In Morocco

'I started looking at my father in a different light,' rapper reveals to Fader magazine in cover story.

French Montana likes to keep his personal life and his rap life separate — or so he says. As the Bad Boy MC is gearing up to drop his debut album Excuse My French, he took a trip to his native Morocco to reunite with his dad — and he brought Fader Magazine along to document the moment.

Montana scored the cover of the mag's latest issue, on stands October 9, and while he hides behind his usual shades on the rag's front page, he exposes himself plenty inside the book. The rapper, whose real name is Karim Kharbouch, moved from Morocco to the South Bronx in New York at the age of 13 with his mom, dad and little brother, but after two years in the Big Apple, his father returned back home, leaving French's mom to fend for herself.

"He had a lick over there," French told the magazine, remarking on the undisclosed business opportunity which brought his family to the U.S. "But that lick went wrong. He was trying bring us back [to Morocco] with him, but my mother wouldn't let him. She was like, I'm not letting them go back over there, ain't no opportunity over there. So he went back, and she stayed with us."

The "Shot Caller" spitter hadn't seen his father since he left and has only spoken to him once since then. During his trip, French was reunited with his uncle, cousins and even went to visit his grandmother's grave, but it was seeing his father again that was most difficult. In the article, the burgeoning rapper admitted to being angry at his dad, but since going through his own divorce, Montana has lightened his stance just a bit. "Before I had a son, I used to look at my father's example: he left me, he left my mother," he said. "When I had a son, I got caught in the same situation that his mother don't want me to see him. I started looking at my father in a different light. Like, damn — my father went through this."

After Montana and his younger brother, Ayoub, met with their estranged dad privately in his apartment, they couldn't find the words to describe the feeling. "He's got so many pictures of me and Karim in there," French's younger brother told the magazine.

By the end of the story, French once again disappears from the reporter and camera's gaze and gifts his father with $10,000 in cash.

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