Bonus 'Breaking Dawn' Scene: What Will It Be?

With news of a post-credits scene, 'Twilight' Tuesday shares our predictions and wishes.

As if we didn't already have enough to be excited about with "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" — Bella as a vampire, meeting members of other friendly vampire covens, the final showdown against the Volturi, etc. — there are now rumblings of a fun bonus scene director Bill Condon has added to run after the credits.

This writer's favorite Cullen, Emmett (a.k.a. actor Kellan Lutz), recently told "The Insider" that fans better plan on sitting through the end credits for a special surprise.

"They're really going to love it, and Bill even told me to tell fans to stay for the credits — a really special thing is happening after the surprise ending," Lutz said. "Every film's been building and building, and Bill Condon really had a great idea with ending the series with 'Breaking Dawn 2' and just adding a little more flavor to parts of the book that weren't there, but he elaborated more on. I think the fans are really going to enjoy it."

So much teaser, we can hardly stand it! Kristen Stewart also told us about some special surprises with regards to the ending, and now there's an after-credits scene? It's too good to be true. This week's "Twilight" Tuesday will explore what we may or may not see in that final, final scene. Here are three guesses/wishes:

A Renesmee Flash-Forward

Confession: I loved angsty, sarcastic, pre-imprinted Jacob. Loved him! But after that crazy imprinting, I found myself cringing about it all the time. No matter how well Stephenie Meyer explained the situation via Edward's mind-reading, it's still odd. Anyway, all my uneasiness with that plot point would be assuaged if we could see grown-up Renesmee having her cute/destined romance with Jacob, who deserves a happy romantic ending! Edward and Bella have theirs, which we'll most definitely see, so I want to see Jacob and Renesmee's too.

All-Cast Dance-Off

We've been hearing about this one for months now, that cute and choreographed routine the cast planned as a surprise for Bill Condon toward the end of the "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" shoot, so why not include it after the credits as a special warm-fuzzy for the fans? Condon told us that the performance will likely be on the DVD/Blu-ray, but I think it would be awesome to see that "Sweet Dreams" number right before I leave the theater.

Bonus Lee Pace/ New Vamps

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: One of the main reasons I'm excited for "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" is to (hopefully) see much more Lee Pace as American nomad Garrett. And because Garrett isn't really a central character or anything, I'm betting that whatever screen time he does get won't be enough. That being said, why not give us an extended or additional scene that shows us what Kate and Garrett are up to a few months later? I would very much like to see what life in the Denali clan is like. A peek inside the day-to-day life of the Amazon clan would also be fun.

Do you have any predictions or wishes for the post-credits scene? Share them in the comments!

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