'The Voice' Contestant Gets A Lesson On 'Forget You' From Cee Lo

During Monday's blind auditions, one contestant's performance of Green's hit prompted the judge to take the stage to show him how it's done.

Things got a little steamy Monday night on "The Voice." Besides the obvious heat brought on by an attractive judging panel including [artist id="1350855"]Adam Levine[/artist], [artist id="1163841"]Cee Lo Green[/artist], [artist id="509026"]Christina Aguilera[/artist] and [artist id="1164298"]Blake Shelton[/artist], a couple hopefuls had the audience all riled up.

As fewer and fewer spots become available on the judges' teams, contestants went harder than ever to make their dreams come true. With Shelton on his best behavior, considering last week's barrage of jabs, the panel could focus on finding the best talent to take to the top.

Day six of blind auditions saw a few interesting contestants, and one even got Green on his feet.

Everything is Possible

The show started off on a bright foot with Diego Val. The Peruvian native pulled at our heart strings when he recounted his childhood battle with a disease that left him unable to walk. He performs at hospitals to bring some joy to those suffering as he once did. The Levine-sounding singer got Green's attention pretty quickly and had the audience reeling when he broke into Spanish half-way through his cover of Neon Trees' "Animal." With Green dancing away, Xtina realized what she passed up, saying, "I might be able to snatch you up later."

Hot Tottie

Last year, Dez Duron had the judges kicking themselves when they turned him away on singing competition series. Well, he came back with a vengeance. The uber-pretty Duron sang "Sara Smile" and had Aguilera, Shelton, Green and thousands of female viewers grinning from ear-to-ear. "Man to man, you are hot" Shelton told the gospel-loving Duron. "He was very turned on," Xtina added, to which Shelton responded, "Damn it, I was," before telling the 22-year-old that he reminded him of AC Slater and Elvis. Alas, Duron chose Aguilera.

Forget You ... No Really

VJ will probably not be remembered for his singing prowess on "The Voice," but rather as the one Green schooled. The music conservatory teacher came on to perform an R&B rendition of his Green's super hit "Forget You." "It didn't sound like you were saying, 'Forget you,' it sounded like you were saying 'I'm sorry,' " Levine said to VJ, prompting one half of Gnarls Barkley to jump out of his chair. "Let me show you how to sing this song," Green said. While VJ didn't make it through, he did get to sing with his idol.

The One That Didn't Get Away

We officially have season three's Tony Lucca. Jordan Pruitt was a teen pop star, signed with Disney, touring with the likes of Miley Cyrus, the Cheetah Girls and Vanessa Hudgens. She even had two songs on the Billboard charts, until she decided to leave Disney and take on a more mature sound. "I had a great career as a teen pop star but I always said something was missing -- great coaches," Pruitt said before she performed. Aguilera certainly saw the potential and pushed her button, "I have been waiting for you, Jordan," she said. The elated Pruitt didn't have much to say but can look forward to another shot at stardom.


Just when you think you've seen it all comes a contestant who puts the judges on the hot seat. The minute 42-year-old Terisa Griffin opened her mouth, we knew that she was going to be a hoot. "I might have a hot flash," Griffin joked before hitting the stage. When talented songstress took on Adele's "Someone Like You," she had Aguilera and Shelton battling, although Xtina pushed her button after pressure from the country star. Shelton used this in his pitch but before the gutsy Griffin decided, she asked the judges, "What will you do as a coach for me? This left the judges a bit tongue tied and eventually Griffin opted for Shelton citing, "Because you were telling Christina what to do, I'm taking you" as her reason.

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