Ke$ha's Down-And-Dirty Party Anthem 'Die Young' Leaks

'While you're here in my arms let's make the most of the night,' she sings on the synth-rocking party tune.

Ke$ha's new single, "Die Young" leaked online a day early on Monday and the first song from the singer's upcoming Warrior album finds her in the same party mode she chronicled on her 2010 debut album.

"I hear your heart beat to the beat of the drums," she sings over fuzzy acoustic guitars and warrior drum percussion at the outset of the tune. "Oh what a shame that you came here with someone/ So while you're here in my arms/ Let's make the most of the night like we're gonna die young," she adds in the song's just- vocals-and-strummed-guitar-party-at-ground-zero chorus.

Though the music is a bit more subdued than the glitter-blasted synth-rocking tracks on Animal, Ke$ha's aim is still true: to burn it out until the sun comes up with anyone willing to keep up with her. The Dr. Luke-produced song was co-written by Fun. singer Nate Ruess and co-produced by Benny Blanco, who has described it as "old hippie rock."

Well, maybe if hippies had rocketed into the future and traded their buckskin for white disco leisure suits. After the subtle (for Ke$ha) intro, the song bursts into a chorus layered "whoa oh oh oh" backing vocals and signature Dr. Luke thumping beats and squiggly keyboard lines.

"Young hearts, out our minds/ Runnin' like we outta time/ Wild childs, lookin' good/ Livin' hard just like we should," she sings in her deadpan rap/spoken style on the second verse, where Ke$ha promises to tear it up no matter who is watching.

As usual, Ke$ha's looking to get into trouble, promising her party companions that if they take her hand she will show them the wild side, offering to make them keep dancing until, well, they die.

By the second half of the song things get pretty sweaty, with tales of "Young hunks, taking shots/Stripping down to dirty socks," which segues into passionate kisses, revelations of not-so-secret crushes and some "magic in your pants"-inspired blushing.

In all, the song is a pretty perfect amalgam of the bright, joyous pop revelry found in Fun.'s biggest hits, mixed with that ol' Dr. Luke beat wizardry and Ke$ha's trademark ability to make getting demented sound pretty fun and somewhat harmless.

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