Emmys 2012: The Real Winners And Losers

Jimmy Kimmel charmed as host, while Seth MacFarlane couldn't find the mic.

With the Nokia Theatre cleaning crew sweeping the last bits of revelry into dust pans as our favorite stars stumble home from one last after-after-after party, we can place another Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony into the television history books.

It was a night that saw perennial favorite "Modern Family" continue its domination of the comedy category, while a new drama contender, Showtime's "Homeland," rose, securing six statuettes in its debut. But the winners list only tells half of the story. From swapped speeches to mic gaffes, let's look at the real winners and losers from last night's awards show.

Winner: Jimmy Kimmel

The late-night emcee was charming and perfectly on-point in his first outing as Emmys host. From getting his Botoxed face pummeled by a naked Lena Dunham to his own pre-emptive In Memoriam featuring a Josh Groban cover of One Direction, there was a lot to like. We hope you know you are beautiful, Jimmy.

Loser: The British

Much was made of the British invasion of this most American of awards shows, with Kimmel joking, "I guess we're supposed to reward them because their actors went to the Royal Shakespeare Company and ours were discovered at the mall." Yet, with one out of every five acting nominees hailing to the Queen, very few actually went home with Emmy, save for "Homeland" actor Damian Lewis and "Downton Abbey" actress Maggie Smith, who, sadly, wasn't even there to proffer a few Dowager Countess witticisms. Really, we all lost on that one.

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Winner: "Homeland"

Speaking of Lewis, the publicists for his Showtime series can probably take the next month off thanks to all the free ink the freshman series is getting following its six wins, which made it the most winningest series this year alongside "Game of Thrones." (The HBO drama won six Creative Arts Emmys at an earlier ceremony, hence why you didn't see any wins last night.) With nods for Outstanding Drama Series and Outstanding Lead Actress (Claire Danes), the series will be riding high into its September 30 premiere.

Loser: Seth MacFarlane

The "Ted" star was a cautionary tale for all those celebrities who think they can skip the dress rehearsal. MacFarlane missed his mark during the live show, beginning his presentation with no audio. He finally wandered over to the correct mic, chastising himself in the voice of his "Family Guy" character Stewie: "That's gonna be on YouTube," he joked. Yep, it sure is, Seth.

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Winner: Amy Poehler

Despite losing the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy award, Poehler helped make her category one of the standouts for the second year in a row. You may recall, the "Parks and Recreation" star organized a nominee stage-storming last year, and this time around, she went for something a bit more subtle yet still oh-so silly. Poehler exchanged acceptance speeches with winner Julia Louis-Dreyfus, which became apparent once the "Veep" star began to thank the "Parks and Rec" cast and children Archie and Abel. They swapped back, but not before Poehler penned a final note on Louis-Dreyfus' crib sheet: "One last thing written here. Isn't it a shame Amy Poehler didn't win ... What?"

Loser: "Hatfield & McCoys" Acceptance Speeches

Did anyone else understand what Kevin Costner and Tom Berenger were talking about? Okay. Good.

Winner: The Color Yellow

Every starlet seemed to be wearing a citrusy hue on last night's red carpet. Albeit, to mixed results.

Loser and Winner: Jon Hamm

With Lewis' Outstanding Lead Actor win, the "Homeland" star insured another shut-out for Hamm, who has now been nominated for his portrayal of Don Draper five years in a row with no win. Hamm has a ways to go before becoming the Susan Lucci of the Primetime Emmys, but it has to be frustrating, nonetheless. However, as host Kimmel pointed out, Hamm will always be a winner. Just look at that face!

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