Nicki Minaj And Lil' Kim Should 'Get It,' Missy Elliott Says

'There is enough room for everybody,' Missy says of rap feud, suggesting all-female tour on Wednesday's 'RapFix Live.'

Don't confuse Missy Elliott with Queen Latifah, but like the 1990's rap trailblazer, Misdemeanor is all about U-N-I-T-Y — especially when it comes to rap's female set.

When Missy Elliott sat down with MTV News correspondent Sway Calloway on Wednesday's "RapFix Live," she weighed in on the feud between her friend Lil' Kim and Nicki Minaj. "That situation I felt like divided us," Missy said after a long pause. "I've never met Nicki, she's out there hustling, can't be mad at that. Lil' Kim is my sister, known her for years and I'll never turn my back on her, but there is enough room for everybody. I want to see everybody get it."

Missy was careful not to add fuel to the fire, which has died down over the past year, but really wishes that all female rappers could find a way to rock together. "I love to see women just have on their own and you watch the guys do it all the time," she said. "They go out on the road with each other — probably don't even like each other, but they going to get that money."

Elliott even dreamed up an all-woman tour scenario. She is so excited about the idea, the multiplatinum rap star says she would humble herself just to make it happen. "Listen if we can get it done I'll open up. I don't care, I'll go on at 6:30," she said laughing. "I don't care who it is, let's just rock and roll, there's enough for everybody."

Thoughout her illustrious career, Missy has collaborated with a ton of female MCs, including Eve, MC Lyte, Ms. Jade, and most notably Lil' Kim, Left Eye and Da Brat on 1997's "Not Tonight" remix. If Nicki and Kim struck some kind of an accord today, then female rap unity may become a real possibility. "I wish I could wave some kind of wand and make it happen, but I'm also not in that situation to be able to say, do this or do that," Missy said noting that she's never in a beef of that sort. "I could suggest, but if they didn't want to, I haven't been in that situation to know what that is."

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