Justin Timberlake Can't 'Pump Out' Albums Every Year

'Trouble With the Curve' star explains his slow output, saying music is just too much of 'a special thing.'

Just as Justin Timberlake prepares to hit the big screen again — this time in the baseball drama "Trouble With the Curve" — fans may be wondering if the singer/actor will ever put his Hollywood career on hold and get back in the studio for his long-awaited, next solo project.

At the premiere of the film, Timberlake told reporters that making an album "is a really big deal." "For me, personally, when I do sit down and decide to do it, it's just a special thing," he said. "I don't know that I can pump them out every year."

It's been six years since he dropped 2006's FutureSex/LoveSounds. And in the years since that release, Timberlake has generally shied away from music, other than appearing on a handful of tracks for other artists and plans to score fiancée Jessica Biel's film "The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea." Instead, his main focus has been on his movie career, including major roles in "The Social Network," "Friends With Benefits" and "In Time."

Fans will get a chance to hear Timberlake sing in the next Coen brothers' film, "Inside Llewyn Davis," which takes place in 1960s New York City at the height of the folk-music movement. The film will have Justin flexing his vocal skills, and his co-star, Oscar Isaac, shared with MTV News earlier this year that Timberlake kills just as hard on folk as he does on pop.

"He's perfect, really pure," Isaac said. "It's folk from the '60s — old songs passed down for many generations — but new takes on them. Obviously, we have the hindsight of now and so we kind of revisit these old songs. They're hopeful and beautiful and in contrast [to] the life of a folk singer, which is not very beautiful at all. It's very drab and dire. It's a screwball comedy."

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